About me

By the hands of a friend (Humberto Sarmento)  I gave my first steps in photography in 1993 with an old Yashika.

In the film age, Black / White was a passion and Castles were my favorite "models". With this theme, I collaborate with a local newspaper with a column "Stones with History".

In 1995 I got the 4th place, with a Black / White photography of Almourol Castle, in an amateur photographers competition, among about 7000 photos.

In the digital age I lost a little of the charm of photography. I drifted through various themes, but did not focus on any particular theme.

In late 2018 my father's death brought me the need for introspection and photography was my refuge. I bought new material and found out that I am a landscape photographer!


Alex Vidigal

Publications and Awards

Co-author of books:

Horizontes do Infinito (Vol 1 pp 8 - 17). 2019 Sintra - Lisboa: GOD Publishing

O Nosso Olhar no Mundo (Vol 2 pp 32 - 41). 2020 -  Sintra - Lisboa: GOD Publishing

1st place in the International Mountain Photography Contest:

    "Mountains in the Ocean Around the World"


E- alexvidigalphoto@gmail.com

T- +351 96 707 21 73

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